Don’t Let Paper Get Boring!

Don’t Let Paper Get Boring!

When ImageSet bought its first Indigo digital press in 2001, selecting a paper stock was easy. We only had a handful of choices: coated or uncoated, text or cover, 80# or 100# – all white and all, well, kind of boring. But thanks to the convenience and economics of digital printing, most customers overlooked that limitation.

So here we are, 15 years later with our 8th Indigo press, and wow, how far we’ve come. Digital technology and paper manufacturing have advanced to the point of making virtually every possible substrate and paper a viable option for digital printing.

And not a minute too soon, when you realize how critical it is to stand out in today’s complex multi-media marketing mix.

When it comes to grabbing a customers’ attention through print, one of your most important tools is the substrate it’s printed on. That’s what recipients see first, even before they read your message. People are visual. They also respond to touch. If you pick the right substrate, it can make a strong first impression.

Studies show that tangible materials leave a deeper footprint in the brain, making print – and the material it’s printed on – a powerful marketing tool.

So the next time you plan a digital print project, think beyond white and boring – think white ink on black or metallic stocks; colored images on clear rigid vinyls, ultra-thick papers; waterproof or tearproof stocks; and magnetics or even heat transfers.

In other words, don’t let paper get boring. Take advantage of the many exciting new options available that help make print the perfect medium for grabbing your customers’ and prospects’ attention.

As ImageSet’s founder, Debbi has based the focus of ImageSet on combining exceptional customer service with cutting edge technology solutions. It was Debbi’s vision that guided ImageSet through its formative years as a typesetting company, to a prepress service bureau, to its current status as a premier provider of printing and marketing communication solutions.