Letter from the President

Letter from the President
Letter from the President conversation bubble

It’s a blob, it’s a balloon, it’s a…conversation bubble! And what, you may be asking, is a conversation bubble doing on a printing company’s logo?

For the record, we are not morphing into:

  • A social media company
  • A marketing strategy consultant
  • An advertising agency

What we are transitioning into is a marketing communication service provider who helps companies plan, produce, execute, and analyze all kinds of conversation starters, from print to  email to mobile to social media.

Yes, printing is still a big part of what we do, but we acknowledge printing is only one way to communicate a company’s message and branding.

As our customer’s customers and prospects migrate to non-print digital media, we’re incorporating those forms of communication into print, and sometimes even eliminating print altogether.

For example, we’re creating and adding 2D barcodes onto signage, direct mail and business cards so recipients can respond via smartphones.

We’re creating customized web portals for ordering marketing collateral and as often as not, these portals contain non-print marketing communications such as emails and PDFs.

As ImageSet’s founder, Debbi has based the focus of ImageSet on combining exceptional customer service with cutting edge technology solutions. It was Debbi’s vision that guided ImageSet through its formative years as a typesetting company, to a prepress service bureau, to its current status as a premier provider of printing and marketing communication solutions.