New Evidence Shows Direct Mail is Making a Comeback!

New Evidence Shows Direct Mail is Making a Comeback!
Direct Mail

Let’s face it: Direct mail marketing just doesn’t get the buzz that digital technologies like email and social media do. Marketers who once praised email are becoming increasingly disillusioned with its ability to deliver results. The benefits of email – low cost, speed, and ease of production – are exactly the reasons spammers love it, resulting in crowded inboxes and more powerful spam filters.

Sure, email is great for staying in touch and nurturing current customers, but when it comes to attracting new business, there’s still nothing like direct mail. In fact, recent statistics show that direct mail is bigger, better, and a more powerful tool when it comes to improving marketing ROI. Here are several areas where direct mail out-performs email:

Response Rates:

Direct Mail: 4.4%
Email: .12%

Customer Generation:
Direct Mail: 34%
Email: 24%

Immediacy of Response Rate:
Direct Mail: 79%
Email: 45%

Need help implementing your own direct mail campaign?

ImageSet can help:

  • Compile a list of your best prospects
  • Create messaging and artwork that gets attention
  • Create a companion email campaign to generate even higher response rates
  • Get the lowest postage rates
As ImageSet’s founder, Debbi has based the focus of ImageSet on combining exceptional customer service with cutting edge technology solutions. It was Debbi’s vision that guided ImageSet through its formative years as a typesetting company, to a prepress service bureau, to its current status as a premier provider of printing and marketing communication solutions.