What? Who? Where? When? How? Why?

What? Who? Where? When? How? Why?
What? Who? Where? When? How? Why?

Twenty-five years ago we (well, technically I) hung out the proverbial shingle to announce to the Houston printing and advertising industry that there was a new typesetter in town: ImageSet.

As technology changed, so did our service offerings. From typesetting to film output to digital printing, we followed the path dictated by our customers’ needs.

And they’re still changing today. For example, while a typical job nowadays might still involve a direct mail piece, more and more often we’re also providing the e-mail and web components to that campaign, as well as list acquisition and database marketing strategy.

Particularly indicative of the changing nature of our business is the growing number of customers who have migrated their print ordering to our e-procurement solution for collateral-on-demand. I find it ironic that an old-standby of offline media, print, is increasingly being procured through an online vehicle, the internet.

Like many of you, we’re wondering what the next 25 years will look like. Will it be a paperless society? Probably not, say the experts. But the paper communications of the next quarter century will definitely take a different format, and be produced with entirely new technology.

But for now, we’re focusing on the next year, and the year after that and the year after that, because we’ve learned over the past 25 years that you can’t control what you don’t know. One thing we do know: just as we’ve observed and responded to technology trends in the past, ImageSet will keep evolving to meet your communication needs in the next year, and the next decade, and hopefully, in the next quarter-century.

As ImageSet’s founder, Debbi has based the focus of ImageSet on combining exceptional customer service with cutting edge technology solutions. It was Debbi’s vision that guided ImageSet through its formative years as a typesetting company, to a prepress service bureau, to its current status as a premier provider of printing and marketing communication solutions.