So, What’s New Besides the Year?

So, What’s New Besides the Year?
2015 Happy New Year from ImageSet!

It happens every year. I start off with grandioso resolutions about how I will be more organized, manage my time more efficiently, and exercise more. And like 92% of all Americans who make resolutions, it doesn’t take long to fall back into my old habits.  You see, I have this obstacle that year after year always gets in the way – me.

But, I never ever ever ever ever give up (my mantra, stolen from Winston Churchill). For me, a big part of the motivation of resolutions is the challenge of trying, and the promise of knowing that at least something will stick. And the cool thing about breaking resolutions is, you never run out of new resolutions for the next year!

Experts say you’ll have a better chance of keeping resolutions with these tricks: (1) pick one resolution; (2) don’t wait until New Year’s Eve; start with small steps; (3) avoid repeating failures; (4) get support from family and friends; and (5) remember that change is a process.

I have one more of my own to add: Write it down and put it out there for everyone to see! And what better opportunity to publicly declare my resolutions than this blog post?

I won’t bore you with the details, but my theme for this year is, do something different. After all, resolutions are all about results, and if we don’t do at least some things differently, we’ll get the same old results. Doing things differently could mean trying a new marketing strategy, focusing on a new medium for communicating, or even doing less of something that’s not working.

So now that you know, feel free to call us on it if you don’t see new things coming out of ImageSet this year. Oh, I just realized that this blog post is something new. So guess I can take it easy the rest of the year since I’ve already accomplished my resolution of doing something different.

Happy New Year!

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